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Three great walking spots in Newmarket


When the seasons change and spring announces its arrival then suddenly the urge to go outdoors is greater than ever. With the sun going down later there’s even more time to go on a walk and explore the incredible spaces that Newmarket has to offer. Get the walking shoes on and take the dogs out for a stroll. We’ve come up with a list of three great walking spots in Newmarket.

Some people may not be aware of it, but the afternoons on any of the expanses of gallops around Newmarket make a great setting for a stroll. Whether you’re a serious walking enthusiast looking to cover some mileage, just looking for somewhere to exercise the dog or as a way to  get the kids to burn off some energy there are some fantastic routes to go on. For the more intrepid enthusiasts there are also some fantastic routes in a network between the nearby villages.

Walk Up Warren Hill

If you wanted to see just how pretty Newmarket is when the sun’s going down then  Warren Hill provides the perfect setting to enjoy the view from. Making your way up gives you the chance to notice the steady incline that is used by hundreds of the town’s equine residents every morning. This piece of land has to be among the busiest in town with trainers from all over sending their horses to test their fitness. Once you get to the top, take a look and see if you can spot some of Newmarket’s iconic locations. The Millennium Stand at the Rowley Mile Racecourse as well as the roof of the famed sales ring at Tattersalls are two landmarks that can be spotted. It’s the perfect place to snap an Instagram worthy sunset picture from.

Venture through the woodland at the top of the hill and you will come out on Side Hill, another of the town’s stretches of artificial and grass gallops. If you wonder over the Moulton Road you will find yourself on Long Hill and if you head down towards The Severals you will be walking on what it commonly referred to as the Bury Side. An interesting fact that you may not know is that there is a stretch between Warren Hill and Bury Side that has the train running underneath it! If you’re ever on the train to Bury St Edmunds you will notice that soon after leaving Newmarket station you will enter a tunnel, that’s the bit that runs under Warren Hill. All of this land is maintained by the Jockey Club Estates team and walkers can use it after 1pm every day once all the horses have finished their daily exercise.

The Three Churches Walk

If you’re up for a bit of a challenge then the Three Churches Walk is a great way to spend a few hours exploring the area. This route can see you either starting at the church in Dalham, in Moulton or in Gazeley depending on your preference. We’d recommend starting at the Moulton Church and then heading across to Dalham. This will give you the opportunity to stop at the Affleck Arms for a refreshing gin and tonic on a brilliant summer’s day. From there you will be able to head up to Gazeley before working your way back to Moulton. We’d suggest stopping in at The Packhorse Inn for lunch or a drink. The Three Churches Walk is a route that spans about four miles and is definitely one to do with your dog if they are up for it.

The Devil’s Dyke

This historic landmark runs right from Woodditton, just south of Newmarket all the way through to Reach along a stretch of roughly 11-kilometres. The Devil’s Dyke was built as a form of defence by the Anglo Saxons and is one of the few surviving earth works in Britain. A walk to the top of the Dyke offers up some fantastic panoramic photo opportunities. Just reward for the efforts. The Devil’s Dyke also  separates  Newmarket’s July and Rowley Mile Racecourses. Given Newmarket’s geographic location there are times when there is a crossover between Suffolk and Cambridgeshire and this is one such occasion given that a walk along the Devil’s Dyke takes you into the latter. The reverse happens during the Cesarewitch in Newmarket, which takes place every October, when runners and riders begin their race in Cambridgeshire but then end up finishing in Suffolk.

There you have it, three great walking spots in Newmarket.

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