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A career within the horseracing industry is perhaps more diverse than you thought.

The opportunities for working at the headquarters of British racing are vast and  much more varied than you would perhaps think. From training to be a jockey to managing a stud, there are dedicated facilities here in Newmarket that can provide the necessary training and career opportunities. And Newmarket is only the start, the experience and training you can obtain here will take you all over the world, such is the enormity of the industry.

Educating young people plays an important part in securing the future work force. This is why the industry supports a number of innovative education initiatives for local school children. Using Newmarket’s unique assets to offer an insight into the horseracing industry and all the opportunities it can offer.

Of course you don’t have to have a love of riding or  a racing background to enjoy working within the horseracing industry in Newmarket. Many of the organisations based here such as Newmarket Racecourses ,The Jockey Club Estates and Tattersalls have roles in customer service, hospitality, marketing  or operations. As large employers, they offer a wealth of job and career opportunities. Just take a look here to see what is currently available locally and beyond – Careers in Racing.

So, whatever your reason for wanting to work in horseracing, take a look at the options available and see if we can help kick start your career journey here at the home of horseracing.

British Racing School

The British Racing School is a purpose-built training centre on the outskirts of Newmarket.

The National Stud

The National Stud has been one of the world’s leading providers of thoroughbred breeding industry education for over 30 years.

Under Starters Orders

The Under Starters Orders Programme is a community schools project targeting Year 5 pupils (9-10 years) at Primary Schools in and around Newmarket.

Newmarket Academy Godolphin Beacon Project

This initiative provides all students in secondary education at Newmarket Academy (11 to 16 years) an innovative  education programme.

The Newmarket Pony Academy

The Newmarket Pony Academy provides an opportunity for young people in Newmarket affordable access to learn to ride or look after horses.