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A Prize Amphora at The National Horseracing Museum


The National Horseracing Museum, which makes up one third of the new National Heritage Centre at Palace House Newmarket is set to receive one of its most significant loans since opening.

The ancient Greek prize amphora is on loan from the British Museum and is the oldest object in the National Horseracing Museum. It was made in Athens about 500BC-490BC, and is decorated in the black-figure technique.

This amphora is significant to horseracing because it is one of the oldest horseracing trophies. It would have been one of many given to the winner of the horse race in the Panathenaic games held every four years in Athens in honour of the goddess Athena, hence it is known as a Panathenaic amphora, These amphoras would have been full of Athenian olive oil, a valuable commodity used for cleansing the body, lighting and cooking.

Chris Garibaldi, director at Palace House Newmarket says: “We are thrilled to be displaying this wonderful Greek pottery vase from the British Museum. Not only is it a fantastic addition to the displays at the National Horseracing Museum but it highlights our ambition to show the very finest objects relating to the history of racing. We hope that visitors enjoy coming to see this very special object – apart from anything else, it is absolutely beautiful.”

On display in the National Horseracing Museum from 11th January – June 2017.

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