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Come and see where they became Master of the Air! 


Visit East of England and see where they became Master of the Air! 

If you’re planning on visiting the East of England in the near future, then you’re in for a treat. With the latest release of Masters of the Air, based on the Donald L Miller book, you’ll be able to follow the footsteps of more than 300,000 US servicemen and women, as you discover the unspoilt rolling countryside of the East of England.

This new release focuses on the true story of the Eighth Air Force flying from airbases in the East of England, putting the spotlight on their bravery and the sacrifices these soldiers made between 1942-45. Their stories are beyond fiction, and you can discover them all within the counties of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

There’s an abundance of memorial sites dotted around the East of England from Cambridge through to Norwich, and beyond. There is certainly plenty to see for any history buff, or those wanting to uncover the history that is within their home counties.

Servicemen and women, whom were based here some 80 years ago, would still recognise the region today, with it being full of castles, cathedrals, stately homes, pubs, tea rooms, quaint villages, as well as a warm and friendly welcome from locals!

Today, we look forward to a second Friendly Invasion, as we welcome eager visitors to the East of England.

For more information on where to visit, head over to Visit East of England here.