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Devil’s Dyke: A Little Known Landmark

From Woodditton, south of Newmarket to Reach just north of the town, runs an ancient forgotten landmark: Devil’s Dyke. It is thought that this earthwork was constructed in Anglo Saxon times partly as a form of defence and partly to control trade and movement.

The Dyke forms an almost completely straight line over 7 miles in length at up to 10 metres high. It completely blocks a narrow land corridor, spanning from the impassable marshy Fenlands in the south to dense woodlands in the north, creating an extremely effective strategic line of defence.

Crossing three important Roman Roads on its way also leads experts to believe that it was used as a way of controlling the traffic that passed through the area.

Although the history of Devil’s Dyke points towards war, in modern day times it couldn’t be more peaceful! As a special area of conservation, it makes a beautiful place to roam and take in the spectacular countryside and huge Suffolk and Cambridgeshire skies.

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