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Heaven & Earth – The World in our Hands

Explore Planet Earth at Ely Cathedral!

Luke Jerram’s spectacular installation ‘Gaia’, a 7 meter replica of planet Earth, will be on display in Ely Cathedral this July. Suspended from high above, this globally acclaimed work of art will inspire awe and wonder.

This spectacular exhibit can be experienced during Cathedral opening hours. Please book your visitor tickets online in advance via

Gaia will be the focal point of a special event to highlight and address some of the very real issues affecting our world. We all have a duty and responsibility to safeguard our planet and acknowledge the impact of climate change. We hope that Heaven & Earth – The World in Our Hands will raise awareness, educate and inspire us all to protect our world. This event will feature exhibits with a focus on climate change plus talks on environmental issues.

For more information and to  book tickets, visit our website.