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Summer Saturday – Dinosaur Day

We are really excited to be hosting our first Dinosaur Day! Join us for a truly t-rrific day on The July Course where our racegoers will come face to face with a range of dinosaurs and additional dinosaur activities!

Meet intrepid EXPLORERS, fascinating PROFESSORS & the bravest of RANGERS as they take you on a journey, introducing their herd of the most incredible Dinosaur species to have ever lived! Bring your biggest ROOAR and your fastest feet as you take Rangers Danger’s masterclass to become an Official Dinosaur Ranger – gaining the skills you need to come face-to-face to Zeus, the biggest walking T-rex in Europe!

This is an unmissable opportunity to talk to a Triceratops, look up to a brontosaurus, roar with a T-Rex and run from a Raptor! Take part in a Dino-dig, learn something new at the fossil workshop and step into the VR dome experience.

We hope that you’ll have a dino-mite day! Don’t forget 18’s race for free!


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