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Threads Through Creation

Wednesday 14 June – Wednesday 26 July

Creating the world with eight million stitches!

‘Threads through Creation’ is a breathtaking exhibition of twelve enormous, embroidered silk panels that explore the story of Creation.

Inspired by Genesis, the first book in the Bible, textile artist Jacqui Parkinson re-tells the story in a vibrant combination of layers of silk, hand-dyed materials, metallic leathers and gold leaf, miles of thread – and more than eight million stitches!

The panels are huge – 2.5m/8ft high by as much as 4m/13ft wide – and vary from bold elemental patterns illustrating the first days to highly complex, rich work as we enter the Garden of Eden.

Whilst the serious context of God’s good earth and man’s impact on it underlies the entire exhibition, the embroidery itself is bold and exuberant, and provides an enjoyable, interesting and uplifting experience to visitors of all ages.


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