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Dojima Sake Brewery

Dojima Sake Brewery

A short drive from Newmarket lies the Dojima Sake Brewery. This is your chance to learn more about sake and sake culture in the surroundings of Fordham Abbey.

Dojima Sake Brewery has its roots in Settsu Tonda in Kansai, Japan, a place with 500 years of sake brewing history. The sake we make here in England, is rooted in the soil, climate and culture of Japan, and in its taste we hope to express these things to the world. This is our driving force, our “ikigai”. This same force led us to Cambridge, fountainhead of history, ancient seat of learning, and to Fordham Abbey with its beauty and grandeur, rolling meadows and walled gardens. In England we lay new roots in our pursuit of excellence in sake brewing. Roots and origins which span continents from the east to the west.


The Fordham Abbey estate was once a 13th century Gilbertine priory founded in the reign of Henry III. Its grade II listed Georgian manor house was built in the 1700’s and is an historic cultural gem, much cherished by local people. It is our duty and privilege to honour these people and this heritage. With this in mind, we are putting our heart and soul into making our sake and sharing the culture of Japan. We are blessed to make sake here on a site as rich in history and culture as it is abundant in nature.


Our CEO and founder, Mr. Yoshihide Hashimoto, brings this ancient art of brewing to England to make sake that has depth, complexity, character and charm. To brew sake so far from the heartland is no small undertaking and requires the best that England and Japan can muster. Working with rice, koji and water, Dojima Sake brewery will strive to make sake that reflects the essence of this magical brew.


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Our tours offer the opportunity to see an authentic working sake brewery, the first of its kind to be built in the UK. Our brewer will take you through the main production areas and share some of the secrets of how rice is turned into sake. Set in the stunning Fordham Abbey estate, this unique brewery tour is a fantastic experience which combines just the right balance of the detail of the brewing process along with some of the history and culture of sake that makes sake so special.


After the 30 minute production tour you’ll get the chance to go upstairs to the amazing tasting bar for a tasting of three different kinds of sake. Where available, the Dojima team will also present a fresh, unpasteurised “nama” sake which can only be enjoyed exclusively by visitors to the brewery. As you enjoy the sake, our brewer will share more on the history and culture of sake and how to enjoy it to its fullest. The bar and balcony make for superb spots to take photographs of both the surrounding scenery and the main fermentation room in the brewery below. A 90 minute session is £30 per person.


Please email brewer Tony Mitchell at for dates and availability of upcoming tours.

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Dojima Sake Brewery at Fordham Abbey, Newmarket Road, Fordham, Ely, UK

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